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Hi I'm iD, thanks for your time listening to my art. I make original music from the heart. I believe music is a higher form of communication that helps people understand themselves and our world. Music is a force that unites and heals. There's a lot of shallow, throw-away music that fills OUR airwaves. My goal is to provide honest and original music that respects your experience and challenges mine. I release at least (2) projects a year- usually an instrumental album and a concept album.

I always incorporate live musicians into my projects, and I try to pay my collaborators as much as possible as the professionals they are. This adds up. My goal is to constantly improve and release good music digitally and on a physical medium (tape, CD, vinyl), also to perform these songs live. These projects can be expensive; from the cover artist to the mixing engineer, from the drummer to the studio time, from the cost to print CDs & T-Shirts to the cost of hosting a website. Your help goes toward those resources that allow me to keep creating and elevating my craft. It takes support to compete with the big labels and infiltrate the commercially saturated soundscape with substance. If you're not sure about a subscription, listen/download some of the many free albums here, and consider donating so I can hire that gospel choir/sitar player/Rick Rubin on my next joint!!

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iD the Poet
San Diego
"his body of work can be looked at not only as continuously evolving, but also as a clear representation of someone who makes music because he loves it. And music fans love the humble, hardworking underdog."

"iD spins intelligent and meaningful rhymes over gratifyingly nerdy the same vein as Aesop Rock, Slug, and Sage Francis...Saul Williams , too." -CityBeat Magazine

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